Western Power 

Instead of launching a platform heavy on regulatory language and instruction, this safety campaign taps directly into the language of teamwork and mateship, where everyone looks out for each other, works as a team, and sticks to the ‘Game Plan’.

Storm season safety message advertising 

Department of Fire & Emergency Services - I am fire.

90% of Western Australia is bushfire prone. Bushfires are unpredictable and happen every year but the single biggest killer is indecision. We created a campaign to encourage your family to talk about their fire plan.

Zyrtec (Johnson & Johnson) - Get back to life fast

Cable Beach Resort Broome

Nationwide TVC Campaign for Cable Beach Resort, located in Broome - more than 2000kms away from the Western Australian capital, Perth.

Brownes Milk - Fussy Mums

More functional, conservative insurance company work as my CD’s Art Director.

Dustin de Souza,
Senior Creative